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The Connected Information Security Framework or CISF is a software development framework comprising of API’s and reusable components that is designed to create bespoke or custom information security and risk management solutions. Built on the Microsoft core technology stack including SQL Server 2008 and .NET 3.5 it can be described as a loosely coupled framework (or “glue framework”) for software developers to create and connect a wide array of disparate information security related data, systems and business processes into a common software architecture. In turn these custom data sets, systems and processes can be wired into and migrated over to Microsoft’s products and solutions for scalability and production readiness.

Microsoft’s IT Information Security Tools Team designs and develops CISF to “engineer the security delta” meaning as a way to rapidly meet business requirements and create functionality that doesn’t exist or is not yet available in our product range. While the CISF components can and are used to provide production solutions at Microsoft, CISF is specifically designed for the creation of custom security tools that are highly specialized, change frequently and are usually highly unique to specific scenarios or businesses. These tools are often those where the requirements are emerging and are expected to change rapidly as the emerging business problem becomes better understood. By using CISF the Information Security Tools team is able to build custom security applications cheaper, faster and better and efficiently and effectively migrate those applications to our products when they become available.

CISF comprises of following loosely coupled components:

• Web Platform – based on ASP.NET (RELEASED)
• ASP.NET MVC Support for Web Platform (COMING SOON)
• Data Warehouse – based on SQL Server 2008
• Business Intelligence (including data analytics) – based on SRAS
• SOA – based on WCF
• Notifications Engine
• Authorization – Claims Based Authorization built on Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) in future release*
• Business Process Management + Human Workflow – based on Windows Workflow Foundation
• Business Rules Engine

CISF is available as an open source project with an MS-PL license on CodePlex.

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